MISSOURI — Drivers won’t be the only ones out on roads and highways this holiday weekend. So will state troopers.

Their main goal is to try and prevent accidents of all types, especially fatalities like the one that happened yesterday near Diamond.

So far this year, deadly crashes are down by 4% compared to last year.

However, fatalities in 2021 hit the highest mark in 15 years.

“We have extra troopers on the road these next four days for the holiday weekend. We have troopers doing special enforcement projects. We’re really focussing on distracted driving, impaired driving, those high speeds, everything that contributes to traffic crashes, our troopers are out there looking for it,” said Trooper Sam Carpenter, Missouri Highway Patrol.

The 4th of July weekend also marks the halfway point of the 100 deadliest days of summer.

Carpenter says the best way to safely get to your destination is to buckle up and slow down.