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KSNF/KODE — Online scams cost Americans a record $10.3 billion in 2022 — and that number is only increasing, according to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center. Scams are up 277% since 2018. Five years ago, reported internet scams cost those in the U.S. $2.7 billion.

The United States led the world with 466,501 online victims in 2022. The United Kingdom, Canada, India, and Australia round out the top five.

The website, Social Catfish (specializing in online consumer safety through proprietary technology) recently released their most recent study on the current “State of Internet Scams.”

The study’s goal, they say, is to offer a comprehensive and real time overview to equip people with the knowledge necessary to avoid becoming the next victim of an online scam.

Whether it’s investment, online shopping, internet dating, or any one of the multitude of scams that are out there — the victims often lose their life savings or worse. Analysts found that a mere 4.2% of lost monetary assets were recovered last year.

States With The Most Online Scams (2022)

The following table is organized by the total amount of money each state lost from online scams in 2022 (including Washington D.C.). To help identify how each of the Four States ranks — Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas are highlighted and underlined.

1. California$2,012,806,86680,766$24,921
2. Florida$844,972,49442,792$19,746
3. New York$777,099,35825,112$30,945
4. Texas$763,140,90338,661$19,739
5. Georgia$322,638,56613,415$24,050
6. New Jersey$284,590,02911,793$24,132
7. Illinois$266,742,48914,786$18,040
8. Pennsylvania$250,903,24114,714$17,052
9. Alabama$247,930,0584,893$50,670
10. Arizona$241,191,95912,112$19,913
11. Washington$240,923,86012,432$19,379
12. Massachusetts$226,202,5047,805$28,981
13. Maryland$217,880,44711,644$18,711
14. Virginia$205,462,22411,882$17,291
15. Ohio$180,091,27913,659$13,184
16. Colorado$178,389,86211,683$15,269
17. Michigan$177,865,28013,566$13,111
18. North Carolina$175,454,53610,554$16,624
19. Nevada$127,315,3949,090$14,006
20. Missouri$118,365,7287,560$15,656
21. Tennessee$113,713,8977,161$15,879
22. Oregon$109,917,2535,516$19,926
23. Wisconsin$108,909,4457,863$13,850
24. Minnesota$103,771,6775,845$17,753
25. South Carolina$100,256,5307,861$12,753
26. Connecticut$99,937,9354,683$21,340
27. Utah$98,840,3884,325$22,853
28. Indiana$73,678,12011,682$6,306
29. Oklahoma$66,517,1594,148$16,035
30. Kansas$58,149,2972,399$24,238
31. Kentucky$57,045,8014,256$13,403
32. Louisiana$55,696,5654,335$12,848
33. South Dakota$48,072,7301,691$28,428
34. Arkansas$46,230,1142,887$16,013
35. Iowa$42,806,8462,959$14,466
36. Delaware$40,980,8002,327$17,611
37. Idaho$40,323,5942,001$20,151
38. Hawaii$35,776,9831,703$21,008
39. D.C.$33,668,0572,460$13,686
40. New Mexico$32,941,9592,589$12,723
41. New Hampshire$29,322,8241,416$20,708
42. Nebraska$28,659,8141,957$14,644
43. Mississippi$28,213,5832,043$13,809
44. Montana$22,252,7371,170$19,019
45. Rhode Island$21,827,0371,119$19,505
46. Maine$21,403,4771,435$14,915
47. West Virginia$18,200,4011,846$9,859
48. Wyoming$17,980,141863$20,834
49. Alaska$16,826,9991,539$10,933
50. Vermont$15,664,834707$22,156
51. North Dakota$14,279,199703$20,311
Table by Social Catfish

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The latest data breaks down the numbers behind online scams, and was released this year by the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) and the Federal Trade Commission. Both sets of statistics from 2022 were used in the development of this study.

Complaints And Losses Over The Last Five Years

2018351,937$2.7 Billion
2019467,361$3.5 Billion
2020791,790$4.2 Billion
2021847,376$6.9 Billion
2022800,944$10.3 Billion
Table by Social Catfish

From 2018 to 2022, there have been 3.26 million complaints, totaling $27.6 billion dollars in losses over the five year period. 2022 saw nearly 50,000 less scam complains than the previous year. However, the total dollar amount lost due to online scams, skyrocketed to $10.3 billion from $6.9 billion in 2021. That’s a total increase of $3.4 billion lost by individuals to internet scams in just one year (those numbers only account for the people who were scammed and reported it).

From 2017 to 2022 — money lost to online scams by victims, age 20 and younger, grew nearly 2,500% over the last five years — compared to 805% for seniors. Internet scam victims under the age of 20 lost $8.2 million in 2017, compared to $210 million in 2022. According to the latest data, seniors remain the most victimized by online scams, losing $3.1 billion in 2022. However, the numbers show an increase of younger people falling victim to scammers.

To learn more, you can view the latest “State of Internet Scams” study, HERE.