MISSOURI — MODOT wants drivers to dedicate to doing just two things this Friday. “Buckle Up, Phone Down” day aims for zero traffic fatalities throughout the day.

A 2022 survey showed 89% of vehicle occupants use a seatbelt, but the other 11% make up the majority of crash fatalities.

“This year in Missouri, I think there’s been about 700 fatalities. Out of those 700, I think 60% or more, have been unbuckled. So, I mean, it’s just something super simple you could do that makes a huge difference,” said Marvin Morris, MODOT SW Area Engineer.

MOODT says distracted driving is the number one thing that causes crashes, including texting or using the cell phone in any way while driving.

To sign the pledge that you’ll buckle up, and put your phone down follow this link here.