**Editor’s Warning: The following story is for mature audiences and contains potentially strong, inappropriate language.**

ST. LOUIS – The Missouri Department of Revenue took in plenty of requests for personalized vanity plates in 2021, but not all were accepted.

Nearly 400 requests failed to make the cut, due to state requirements that such personalized plates not include “obscene, profane, patently offensive or contemptuous of a racial or ethnic group, offensive to good taste or decency, or would present an unreasonable danger to the health or safety of the applicant, or other users of streets and highways, or of the public in any location where the vehicle with such a license plate may be found.” Some plates were requested multiple times.

In the end, that meant a no for such contenders as “CRZYB” “HLLNAH” and “HTPCKT”.

Several attempts to connect a curse word with President Joe Biden were also rejected. There were no requests rejected related to the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ movement, which is a cheer seen as an insult to the President. At least four requests that referenced the Proud Boys, a white nationalist organization, were denied.

QANON was also requested but denied.

You can find the complete list here. Again, reader discretion is advised.

The number of rejected license plates pales in comparison to Ohio, which said no to 827 in 2021. In Utah, there were more than 900 on the naughty list.