JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Setting a state fishing record is a noteworthy occasion. Imagine doing it twice on the same fishing trip.

Tyler Goodale of Doniphan, Missouri, who holds the current world record for spotted sucker (5 pounds, 4 ounces), caught a pair of 11-ounce fliers at the Duck Creek Conservation Area using a basic pole-and-line method.

The Missouri Department of Conservation confirmed the weights and sizes using a certified scale in Wappapello. The previous state record was set in 1991, when a fisherman caught a 10-ounce flier at a private pond.

According to the MDC, fliers like clear, quiet bodies of water with little current, and a mud bottom. The largest populations of fliers are located at Duck Creek and the nearby Mingo National Wildlife Refuge.

Oh, and Goodale’s world record? He set that in 2020, while fishing at Duck Creek.

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