MISSOURI — 2023 is still a month away.

But Missouri lawmakers are looking ahead to the next legislative session, and getting ready to build the list of potential new laws.

Hundreds of bills are about to launch for 2023.

And local lawmakers will have several on the list.

State Representative Bob Bromley of Carl Junction is looking at child support after the child turns 18.

“It pertains to child support after the child gets out of high school and has passed 18 And there’s been a couple of instances where the courts have ruled that parents have to pay for college, partially paid for their college and child support. Once he gets out of high school and turns 18,” said MO Rep. Bob Bromley, (R).

Bromley is also looking at a measure that would change the way Missouri puts a constitutional amendment on the ballot.

Meanwhile, State Rep. Lane Roberts of Joplin will focus on recruiting new hires for law enforcement statewide.

He’s also reintroducing a bill to add convicted murderers to the state sexual offender registry, letting neighbors know when one moves in down the street.

“It would be an expansion of the sexual offender registry. It would simply be a different category and it is confined to people who are on parole or probation or secondary and nothing else and only from this point forward. So we’re not requiring anybody to go back and pick all those folks up,” said MO. Rep. Lane Roberts, (R).

State Representative Cody Smith of Carthage is again in charge of state budget bills this year.

He’ll also propose bills to finetune state Medicaid policy, implementing a work requirement for able-bodied Medicaid patients and eliminating rules where Missouri paid the bills of out of state Medicaid patients.

“So it comes from Missouri for treatment. And so someone came from Kansas to Missouri for Medicaid health care treatment, and they were Medicaid recipients, Missouri with that Missouri Health Care provider would get payment from Kansas for their Medicaid, but they will also get a payment from Missouri, called the out of state payments to kind of supplement those out of state Medicaid programs. And we were the only state in the nation that was doing it that way,” said MO. Rep. Cody Smith, (R).

The 2023 legislative session kicks off on January 4th.