GASCONADE COUNTY, Mo. – A Christmas movie filmed in Missouri is now available for streaming on major platforms. The film, titled “Christmas Vintage,” is produced by Nicely Entertainment and will be distributed on Amazon, Peacock, Freevee, Tubi, Roku, and Xumo channels. 

This heartwarming movie was shot during the Christmas season in Hermann last year. Notably, the two lead characters, who are sisters, share the last name “Hermannhof,” which cleverly nods to the film’s setting. 

In “Christmas Vintage,” the story revolves around the two sisters, Samantha and Emily, working together to create a magical Christmas moment. Samantha returns home to support her lovesick sister, Emily, during the holiday season. 

The plot takes a turn when Samantha discovers that Emily’s romantic aspirations with Tony, a man she deeply cares for, hinge on an unusual condition. Samantha must undertake the challenging task of attracting and dating Parker Williams, the owner of a rival winery.  

Parker is known for his less-than-pleasant personality, making Samantha’s mission all the more intriguing. 

The excitement around the film began to build in November of last year when Film Hermann announced the start of filming on their social media page. Some of the extras in the film are residents.