MISSOURI — This weekend saw thousands of deer hunters throughout Missouri take their shot at glory.

The Missouri Department of Conservation also saw thousands of samples for chronic wasting disease.

It was mandatory testing for the first weekend of firearms deer hunting season.

Only about 30 counties in Missouri had mandatory testing because that is where the disease has shown up in the past.

Francis Skalicky, with the Missouri Department of Conservation, says the number of positive tests is usually low, but it’s still important to find out where the disease is at.

“Chronic Wasting Disease was first found in the wild deer herd in Missouri in 2012. Since then, we have collected 210 thousand of samples. Of those, there have been 292 positive samples. So that’s a very low prevalence. On the one hand, that shows us, that you know, that like I said it’s not here very much, so that’s good. But on the other hand, it shows that it is here and we do get some positive samples each year. And that’s why we got to keep looking for it.,” said Francis Skalicky, MDC.

Skalicky also says there has been no known instance of deer passing the disease to humans, but he recommends if you do get a positive test on one of your samples, don’t eat the venison.