JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Missouri state lawmakers are officially done working on new bills for the year, but they will soon head back to Jefferson City to consider a short list of issues.

A veto override session is scheduled for next week. While Governor Mike Parson did not turn down very many bills this year, there were a number of financial issues in the spotlight. He vetoed several items from the 2024 state budget, specific funding that lawmakers like State Representative Cody Smith may vote to override.

“We had a special pay plan for the Highway Patrol that he partially vetoed. Some law enforcement training centers that we were partnering with various political subdivisions across the state that he also had been to, and then there were some transportation infrastructure projects,” said MO Rep. Cody Smith, R, explains.

Smith adds that there has been some discussion of passing changes to the state initiative petition process, but he thinks that’s more likely to come back in 2024 instead of a special session. The veto session is set for September 13th.