(Image Courtesy: Joan Hurst)

IRONTON, Mo. — Located in the town of Ironton in Southeastern Missouri, the T.R. Goulding Castle sits on nearly ten acres at the base of Shepherd Mountain. At 2,270 sq. ft., this historic property is one of the truly unique and marvelous residential landmarks in the state.

The castle, which is now available for overnight stays on Airbnb for approximately $350/night, borders a city-owned, 640-acre tract of wilderness on top of Shepherd Mountain. It was put up for auction in 2012 after being home to the the Misselhorn family since 1999. Then, in 2020 the castle was purchased by the Hurst family who did significant work on the property, installing all of the modern amenities, but making sure to keep as much of the original interior as possible. In the photos below, you can see what the interior of the castle looks like today.

SLIDESHOW: View Photos of the Goulding Castle

Inside this 3 bedroom, 1-1/2 bathroom stone structure, you’ll find everything to be newly renovated with a style that uniquely matches the castle facade. The first floor features the kitchen and a formal dining room. The second story contains three bedrooms, a full bathroom with granite-tiled shower and bathtub, and a sun room that’s enclosed in both stone and cedar walls with a pitched cedar ceiling. The third story consists solely of the tower room, and provides four arched windows for a view of the entire property.

“We wanted to try to make it look as original as possible even though a lot of original things had been gutted out. There was no flooring, there was nothing like that. So we bought salvaged antique brick and we had a mason work it into the floor. I’m pretty proud of that because the flooring turned out beautiful and that’s located on the first floor. Overall, it’s just a beautiful property. It’s very, very unique; plus, there’s a really nice kitchen with an Italian stove, and a big copper bathtub,” said Joan Hurst.

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The castle was originally built in 1846 by Dr. T.R. Goulding from England. Dr. Goulding apparently missed the English style of architecture, so he created his own castle in the Ozarks, constructed of locally quarried limestone and granite, complete with a three-story tower and winding staircase.

You’ll find the Airbnb listing of the historic Goulding Castle, HERE.