MONETT, Mo. — High school marketing students in Monett are learning what it’s like to run a convenience store — at school. We take a look at The Scotty Store.

“It just becomes real — the education becomes real, knowledge becomes real, the experience is hands-on and there’s no way to mimic that out of a book or computer,” said Trisha Henry, SRTC Marketing Instructor.

It’s called The Scotty Store — and it’s located inside the Scott Regional Technology Center. Junior marketing students are running it — doing everything from stacking shelves and running the cash register — to taking inventory and discussing profit margins.

“The customer service, the inventory management, the channel management, product management, the promotion and selling pieces, I hope they also take away how you treat people,” said Henry.

“I get to learn about how to correctly count money and we also have and take cash app, where you can tap your phone and all of that, so I learn how that works,” said Dayannara Ibarra, Monett junior.

The store offers things like a hot cup of noodles, for only $2 — as well as a variety of low-priced snacks and drinks — to help students get through the day.

“We sell a lot of ramen — we sell a lot of sodas — we sell a lot of chips — you know, teenage food,” said Henry.

“I feel like people kind of rely on us. Whenever we are closed, people get sad that we are closed. This year we have closed twice — Tuesday we closed because of mock interviews and maybe they wanted to come get a snack to calm their nerves or something,” said Ibarra.

The store operates between class periods — with profits being used to help fund a class trip to New York.

“We’re going in January, and we are going for a full weekend, in a plane. I’m not so excited about that because I’ve never been on a plane before but I’m excited to learn about New York because I’ve never been,” added Ibarra.

School officials hope the store encourages more students to pursue a career in business.