CASSVILLE, Mo. — A local school district is taking steps to make sure all its high school students graduate.

“It’s very personal for me, I did fairly well in school but I hate it. So I’ve always wanted to create a program that is structured around the student who doesn’t sit down, take notes, and regurgitate on a test well,” said David Williams, Success Lab, and Academy Coordinator.

David Williams did just that. The Cassville School District is excited about its new program that rolled out for the 2022- 2023 school year.

The Success Academy aims to give struggling students more of a one-on-one learning experience.

“That has helped me a lot because like it’s really hard for me to focus with all those kids around and I have like so much pressure to be right and get everything right,” said Jordan Madison, Senior at Success Academy.

It’s currently a half-day program with 18 students enrolled.

“Split up between morning and afternoon and we’ve got our first graduates already going through, I think you’re going to talk with one here shortly, and they are all extremely proud of themselves,” said Williams.

“I have had to put in a lot of work. I had 19 credits to fulfill at the beginning of this year and I got them all done, which is crazy to me because that’s like 2-3 years of work,” said Madison.

The Success Academy has helped change students’ view on schooling.

“I was kind of stressed out because I didn’t, like I said, I didn’t think I’d have any friends here. I thought I was just going to be alone missing my whole senior year like up in high school but no it’s been better. Like so much better,” said Madison.

The “Success Academy” in Cassville plans to have their first class of students graduate the program on May 12th.