Missouri Medicaid expansion to be dissected Wednesday


MISSOURI — Missouri Medicaid expansion will go under the microscope in the capitol later this week.

State Representative Cody Smith of Carthage expects to start looking at the details of adding hundreds of thousands of new patients and how to foot the bill. It’s estimated the state share will cost $200 million or more. Money that will likely have to be cut from other programs due a constitutional requirement.

MO. Rep. Cody Smith, R, said, “We have a balanced budget requirement – thank goodness for that. Meaning we spend extra money on one part of the budget, we have to take it from a different part of the budget and make it balance. We don’t spend more than we collect in revenue.”

Governor Mike Parson will release his proposal this Wednesday, January 27th at 3:00 in the afternoon, which is expected to include details about Medicaid and the budget.

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