Missouri makes G.E.D. testing free


JOPLIN, Mo. — it’s a test that can change someone’s life.

But what good is it if you can’t afford to take it?

That used to be the case with the G.E.D., but not anymore in one of the Four States.

Even in this time of historically low unemployment, it can be hard to get a job without a high school diploma.

That’s the purpose of a test known across the country as the G.E.D., or high school equivalency exam.

In Missouri, that test is now called the H.I.S.E.T.

But until just a few months ago, it’s cost was prohibitive for many of the people who need to pass it the most.

Linda Dishman, Director, Joplin Adult Education & Literacy, said, “Big deterrent to have to pay almost $100 for a test, especially for people who are homeless or having economic troubles, so this is very good, we’re very glad.”

Thanks to a law passed a few months ago, it’s now free for show-me state residents taking it for the first time.

There are five sections to the test, and even if you have to take one of them more than once, the fee is just $5 per section.

Yvonne Lindsey wishes she would have waited a few months more.

Yvonne Lindsey said, “It was kind of hard because I didn’t want to ask people for money and I didn’t want to owe anybody money so it was a lot”

“In addition to the cost of the test, another road block to their success was transportation to go take the test, it’s given at Missouri Southern University, here in Joplin, and the trolley runs right to the building at Webster Hall,” said Dishman.

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