Missouri lawmakers meet over coronavirus preparedness


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Missouri Governor Mike Parson met today with state emergency officials and his cabinet members to discuss coronavirus preparedness.

He said the most important thing the state can do right now is share accurate information.

The state has tested 15 individuals who had symptoms of the virus but none of them has tested positive.

The governor’s office shared these images of Governor Parson’s meeting with Missouri Cabinet Members, Missouri State Emergency Management Agency officials, and other stakeholders.

The governor said the meeting is part of ongoing efforts to educate, inform and protect the public from any potential outbreak.

Gov Mike Parson, (R) Missouri, said, “I am confident telling you that Missouri is ready if an outbreak were to happen in our state.”

The state’s Health Director said federal funding is on the way to expand testing for patients who show symptoms for now his advice is to check with your local health care provider if you experience a shortness of breath along with a fever and a cough.

Dr. Randall Williams, DHSS Director, said, “Once the decision is made by a test, to do a test by the provider then they work with their local health department and we work with the CDC to get that approved.”

Because prison populations are confined spaces, the department of corrections is asking anyone with symptoms to avoid making prison visits.

The most vulnerable individuals are those over the age of 65 or with chronic health problems.

The prevention message continues include hand washing.

“Wash your hands. If you feel symptomatic get diagnosed wear a mask if you’re symptomatic. Masks don’t work if you don’t have it and this is a great time to improve your overall health. If this is a time you were smoking or vaping with a respiratory disease going around it be a great time to quit.”

Images from other parts of the world have triggered panic and concern.

There have also been concerns about the impact the virus could have on the economy.

“But I think we’re going to be fine on the economy I think you were already seeing a recovery seeing signs of that with the stock market that happened last week it’s already recovering,” said Parson.

The governor will be meeting with statewide elected officials on Wednesday and is preparing to brief mayors across the state.

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