It wouldn’t be a surprise to see hundreds of bills pre-filed Thursday at the State Capitol, but probably one of the top priorities is “right to work” legislation.
“It doesn’t mean that you can’t belong to a union. It doesn’t mean that you have to give up the union job. It just means that you have a choice of belonging to a union or not,” explained Missouri Representative Bill Lant.
State Representative Bill Lant will re-file the measure that passed in the House and Senate last year, but was vetoed by the Governor.  
Meanwhile, State Rep. Bill White wants to eliminate state requirements to pay prevailing wage in a disaster zone.  Both issues will be submitted December 1st, the start of the pre-filing period for the 2017 Missouri Legislative Session.  
And there’s State Rep. Charlie Davis, who wants new limits for payday lenders.
“Sometimes some of the people that are getting these payday loan stores don’t understand what they’re signing, what they’re doing et cetera. So, I think we need to step up to the plate and help some of these individuals make sure that they’re protected,” MO Rep. Charlie Davis added.
He’ll also pre-file a measure to overhaul the Missouri driver’s license to meet requirements in the federal REAL I.D. Act.
“It’s going to give an individual the option when they go in to get their driver’s license. If they don’t want a REAL I.D. compliant driver’s license that actually does the biometric scanning of your face so they can do facial recognition, then you can just get a Missouri driver’s license that doesn’t have that,” Davis said.
Incoming State Rep. Cody Smith of Carthage says he’ll focus on getting used to the new job this year. He headed up to Jefferson City for training today. 
And, State Senator Ron Richard says he’s working with incoming Governor Eric Greitens to set priorities for economic development and regulatory reform.