Missouri Lawmakers are running out of time to decide on a tax to fund Medicaid


JOPLIN, MO – Missouri Lawmakers have less than 24 hours to find a compromise on an important tax to fund the state’s Medicaid Program, or large budget cuts are coming.

Governor Mike Parson said late this afternoon, that there’s no option lawmakers must renew the federal reimbursement allowance program, the FRA, funds the states Medicaid program, and if lawmakers don’t renew it, there’s more than $700,000,000 worth of cuts coming to the states budget, and Parson says it’s going to affect every Missourian.

Now, Parson says this will affect higher education like university and community colleges, K-12 education, and social services like foster care.

During his press conference late this afternoon, he called out republican lawmakers who are trying to remove abortions and birth control from being covered for women who are already on Medicaid. He says it’s slowing down the renewal process.

“For those who want to move the goalpost yet again, know that you and you alone will own this and the devastating effects on Missourians and the economy if the FRA is not extended.” Says Parson.

Now Governor Parson is giving lawmakers the deadline of noon tomorrow to find a compromise, that means they would then come in on Wednesday to start renewing the FRA

One of Governor Parson’s spokeswomen says that if lawmakers start special session on Wednesday, they will have to work through the weekend in order to renew the tax by July 1st.

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