JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Missouri lawmakers have less than two days to renew an important Medicaid tax before the governor enforces millions of dollars in budget cuts.

July 1st is the governor’s deadline to extend the federal reimbursement allowance tax.

House members held a hearing Tuesday for the legislation, but as expected, there’s also debate about taking funding away from abortion facilities and providers who offer abortion services.

“So I am very concerned about losing our Medicaid funding and we are here to protect our Medicaid funding.” Says Unsicker (D).

The tax that’s paid by the healthcare providers that brings in billions for Medicaid is now in the hands of the house.

“By not passing the FRA timely by July 1st, you’re impacting the lives of 23 thousand very very critical ill individuals. There’s no where else they can get the care other than the nursing homes.” Says Nikki, health care.

Since lawmakers didn’t renew the FRA during regular session, they are now up against the governor’s deadline of July 1st.

The big debate now in the house, if abortion providers and facilities should receive public funding.

“I do think that we want to be careful and we want to make sure that we’re doing this most appropriate way possible and there’s not any unintended consequences.” Says Deaton (R).

Representative Nick Schroer is the sponsor of the bill, separate of the FRA renewal.

“That we are going to defend taxpayer dollars, we are going to defend the lives of the unborn.” Says Schroer.

The bill would nullify any federal law that requires Medicaid from paying for abortion services.

Missouri right to life spoke in favor of the legislation Tuesday.

“Standing up for life is not easy when we have a pro-abortion president but he has made it very clear that he absolutely wants the Hyde Amendment to go away.” Says Susan.

While Planned Parenthood warning that this could jeopardize the state’s entire Medicaid program.

“That is going to have extremely negative impacts on people who already face many challenges trying to access quality care.” Says April.

Now both the FRA renewal and Schroer’s bill were voted out of committee Tuesday, both Pieces of legislation will be in front of the full house Wednesday.

If passed Schroer’s bill would have to go back to the senate for the approval, and there’s no word if senators would come back to vote on it.