Missouri Highway Patrol emphasizes water safety


MISSOURI — As temperatures are dropping the Missouri State Highway Patrol is warning the community to be safe near bodies of water.

Rivers and ponds in Missouri usually don’t form thick ice so authorities are telling people not to step on them. They want everyone to be cautious when ice fishing or being near water. They say falling into water can cause your body to lose heat 25 times faster. So there’s a risk for hypothermia and cold shock. If you see someone fall through the ice do not go in to help them.

Sam Carpenter, Trooper, said, “If you do see someone that has fallen through the ice we have in the past had our would be rescuers become victims themselves. So our advice to you if you see somebody or a friend falls through the ice don’t try to go out after them. The best thing to do is either try to extend something to them a rope a ladder a pole something of that nature.”

Troopers are also telling people to never go boating alone.

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