Missouri Healthcare for All holds public forum


One organization is bringing the community together to discuss struggles they face with healthcare in Missouri. 

Sunday, Missouri Health Care for All hosted a public forum. 

The grass roots organization works with residents to identify any disparities when it comes to going to the doctor and getting insurance.

Before their next visit to the state capital to advocate for better healthcare, they hope to reinforce the need for change with locals. 

KJ McDonald of Missouri Health Care for All says, “Most people are either unable to afford their premiums, or uninsured because of how expensive premiums are, or even if they are insured they can’t often afford their copays or are stuck with surprise medical bills and things of that nature. So I think cost is the number one factor that we hear.”

McDonald adds the healthcare story forums are open to individuals of all ages.

She hopes to see more young people engage in the healthcare conversation as well.

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