Missouri governor attends meeting with President Trump over a return to school


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Missouri Gov. Mike Parson was at the White House this afternoon as President Donald Trump had a meeting on reopening schools.

President Trump says he will pressure governors to reopen schools and colleges this fall, arguing that some want to keep schools closed for political reasons against the will of families. 

Gov. Parson thanked President Trump for his leadership. He also commented on Trump saying he would put pressure on governors, “I will tell you this, on a few phone calls I had with him, he can put a little pressure on you if he decides to do that. Sometimes we all need a little push to get things going.”

Gov. Parson also said he wants to get children back to school because for some it is a safety blanket, and for others, it is where they get nutrition and counseling.

He also mentioned it is needed to make sure there are qualified people for the future workforce.

“This virus can not shut down our states,” said Parson.

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