Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon says new funds are available for state budget


  Earlier this week the state of Missouri received $8.7 million stemming from a multi-state settlement with Volkswagen for its part in an emissions cheating scandal.

  Governor Nixon announced those funds will be made available for the current fiscal year’s budget. $4.5 million will go towards school transportation, $3 million will be used to pay off previously deferred biodiesel subsidies and more than $1 million will be used to support a Missouri disaster response program.

  “About $1.2 million of that into supporting what’s called task force one which is search and rescue team that just went to the east coast for the hurricane and in 9/11 they were in ground zero. We’re working to get them to be a state asset also to help us,” says Missouri governor Jay Nixon.

  He says he’s hopeful the state will be able to release additional funds in coming months.

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