Missouri Farm Bureau asks for farmers to fill out survey for dry conditions

Anyone who has lived in the Four States long enough knows July promises one thing: heat. And that heat has the Missouri Farm Bureau asking for your help.

Carl Junction Fire Chief Joe Perkins says if we don't see rain soon…

"From a fire department standpoint, we're really going to be hurting,” says Chief Joe Perkins.

Perkins says at some point in the next couple of weeks, they may even have to consider telling people no outside burning.

"All of the ground fuels are dry, and most of them are getting to the point where they're dying off pretty quickly, and it's going to make it very hazardous out there,” says Perkins.

That's the kind of information the Missouri Farm Bureau is looking for. They're asking anyone involved in agriculture to fill out a survey letting them know how dry conditions are in their fields and pastures. But Jasper County Farm Bureau president Brenda Polen says it's not always easy getting information out of farmers and ranchers....

"They try, but they're going to do it later, and they're busy, especially this time of year, so that always gets put on the back burner. Paperwork seems to come later,” says Brenda Polen.

But she says the information from each field and pasture is vital, because of what it could bring in the future.

"The return to our county from federal depends upon what we report, and if they don't have the statistics to know how much loss we have, they can't make a determination as to how much our county gets,” says Brenda Polen.

In other words, federal assistance. Polen says the worse the drought, the more the federal assistance could be headed our way. But the key is reporting.

"We get more return from the federal government if it was not reported at all,” says Polen.

Meanwhile, whether it's for firefighters, farmers or ranchers, Perkins says he hopes you'll just help him pray for rain.

"That's basically the only thing that's going to kind of break us out of this cycle, is just, you know, hoping for rain, and, for us, just kind of prepare for the worst,” says Chief Joe Perkins.

We'll have a link to the Farm Bureau Survey here.

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