Missouri Dept. of National Resources ensures Bub’s Inc. complies with state regulations


ANDERSON, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Natural Resources says they are working on ensuring Bub’s Inc. is complying with state regulations.

The state department says when they came down to address the residents along Pump Station Road last Tuesday they also met with the owner of Bub’s Inc. to voice some concerns. They encouraged Bub’s Inc. to use best practices when dumping off their materials such as not dumping when it when it is raining or about to rain to reduce the chances of run off. And they also did a compliance check. But DNR officials say they have no policy when it comes to how often the company can dump on their land, something residents have also complained about.

“They can land apply based on agronomic rates. Based on the nitrogen, phosphorus in the soil testing. So it varies, but I, we, you know we’re not tracking how much you know they haven’t or have.”

Kevin Hess, Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources

The DNR says they are looking to do a random visit at the facility in the coming weeks to make sure rules are being followed. They add they did do some sampling of the area when the visited the site in on June 19th, and they are still waiting to get those results back.

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