Missouri Department of Conservation aims to help residents improve catfish catching skills


Residents learned how to improve their fishing skills for common species of fish.

Saturday, the Missouri Department of Conservation hosted a catfish clinic at Walter Woods Conservation Area.

Some of the topics discussed include the types of bait best used for catching catfish, how to identify which type of catfish you’ve caught, and the best strategies to try and catch the fish.

After a brief classroom session, most of the program was spent outside trying to catch the fish using the new techniques they learned and using polls provided by the mdc. 

One of the teachers of the course says that the structure of the course allows everyone a chance to learn something new.

Andy Rhodes, MDC Outdoor Skills Specialist, says, “I learn stuff when we do the program. And that’s what’s fun for me just cause I’m trying teach folks that are beginners, but I got folks in class that know a lot more than I do and they can share that with the group as a whole. So everybody benefits [from] that knowledge and that experience.”

Rhodes says that weather can play a role in the difficulty of catching catfish, and that colder weather makes it more difficult to catch the fish.

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