Miss Kansas talks smart lifestyle decisions with Labette County students


She’s style, she’s grace, she’s Miss Kansas. The Sunflower State beauty queen, Annika Wooten, made a stop on her statewide tour to talk with students about life choices and how they can affect their future.

LABETTE COUNTY, Kan.–From her sparkling crown, to her sash and heels. It’s easy to pick Miss Kansas out of a crowd. But to her, the title means much more than good looks.

“To have a platform and a shiny crown on my head, that makes people pay a little bit more attention to me,” Wooten explained. “I have this opportunity to have that attention and share that it’s so important to make those choices. That will prepare your future and hopefully, allow you to have a future.”

Wooten was crowned Miss Kansas back in June, and visited students at Labette County High School in Altamont. She spoke of her many attempts of trying before finally being crowned the state’s beauty queen.

“I competed for Miss Kansas for seven years. And it’s not like, ‘Oh, I did this for 7 years–crown me now.’ I’ve been around. It’s the the journey that it took to get where I am now. And regardless of if I walked away with a title or not, that journey and that growth is so rewarding.”

She also spoke to students about safe driving practices and living a drug-free lifestyle. One student in Labette County High School’s Students Against Destructive Descions (SADD) club says Miss Kansas’ speech couldn’t have come at a better time.

“It’s very important because our students are making choices everyday and our students are a big part of the community, and we love and care about each and everyone of them,” explained SADD club member Kaleigh Burke. “So we need to make sure they are safe no matter what.”

Miss Kansas says she hopes her message gets through to students, as sometimes they don’t know how important this time in their life is.

“I hope that they realize that no matter who they are or where they come from, their future matters,” said Wooten. “And the choices they make to get there.”

This is just one of the 400 stops Wooten will make across the state during her time as Miss Kansas. On Thursday, December 19th, she will represent Kansas in the Miss America competition, with hopes of bringing back the title to The Sunflower State for the first time since 1996.

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