Miller Pecan Company works to expand their business


A local pecan company is working to expand it’s business.

I spoke with brand manager Kalyn Grokett and she says their industry is often overlooked. She says they are hoping with this expansion more awareness is raised about the impact of the industry.

Miller Pecan Company has called Northeast Oklahoma home for more than 30 years. Co-owner Jared Miller says his father began the company and he and his brother have worked hard to keep the family business going strong.

“This is our largest orchard here there’s around 700 acres of mature trees in production with about another 150 acres planted right now,” says Jared Miller.

He says they purchased the orchard in 2000. 

“We have the capabilities over the next several years of planting about 200 more acres,” says Jared Miller.

In 2014, Miller Pecan launched the production side of the pecan.

“We’re actually one of the only U.S pecan producers to take our pecans from the tree to the table. So we have a unique perspective in the entire growing process,” says Kaylyn Grokett, “we are the packers, we are the marketeers, we are the growers, we are the farmers. So were able to monitor very closely the quality of our pecans at every single step.” 

Grokett says there are only 15 states nationwide that are growers of pecans and she says they take their role very seriously. She says they are currently working to expand their retail presence.

“What we are looking forward to as we move forward is just giving our day to day consumers those that are just mom and pop, those that like to include pecans in their recipes. We want to be able to give those people access to those,” says Grokett.

Grokett says in doing so, the company hopes to impact the community with creating more jobs and increasing tax revenue. She then says eventually they want to expand their presence in grocery stores across the country.

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