Midwest Trumpet Festival


The event was held by the Pittsburg State University’s music department and featured nationally-recognized guest artist Wayne Bergeron, a Yamaha trumpet artist.
Dr. Todd Hastings with the department says this festival provides a great opportunity for professionals and students ranging from middle school to the collegiate level to learn from industry professionals. 
Various sessions were held featuring lectures on the history of trumpet,  as well as live recitals and a concert featuring some of the most prominent artists in the industry. 

” Well it brings attention to Pitt State University and the resources we have but more importantly it connects all the community of trumpet players together the community of trumpet players we are all so busy we never get a chance to stop and just come together and just talk to each other.” said Dr. Todd Hastings, Professor of Trumpet Pittsburg State University 

” I encourage young people to learn their craft of course but also think about education and think about giving back as they get older and teacher younger players and so that’s what I’ve tried to do with my career even though I work at a career as a musician..I teach  at a university still.” said  Wayne Bergeron, Yamaha Trumpet Artist

Hastings says the festival also provides a great networking opportunity for students.
There were many professors in attendance representing their universities across the country and their music departments.  

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