MIAMI, Okla. – Miami Mayor Bless Parker turned lemons into lemonade – well blueberries and cherries into a financial windfall for his community.

“When we work together, we can accomplish anything,” Parker wrote on a social media post after auctioning off his mother’s homemade cherry and blueberry cheesecakes.

An earlier post criticized Parker’s mother for buying several boxes of cream cheese for her annual cheesecake Christmas presents.

The store in question has no policy on how many boxes she was allowed to purchase.

Parker took the negative post into a financial windfall for the community.

The bids started coming in and so did the accolades for Parker’s actions.

The blueberry cheesecake auction brought in $2,075 to the Boys and Girls, with the winning bid of $1,000 to Ethel Cook. The additional $1,075 was from donors, Parker said.

Miami native and recording star Keith Anderson got in on the fun and personally will deliver the blueberry cheesecake to Cook Wednesday.

Gordon Williams Jr. won the cherry cheesecake auction with a $1,500 bid and another $500 in donations for the Miami Salvation Army.

“Miami, Oklahoma you ROCK!!,” the post continued.

“That is a grand total of $4,075 raised in two days for two great organizations,” Parker said. “Well done, Miami!”

Parker said he plans to have another cheesecake auction next year.