Miami to hold special tribute for Steve and Cassie Gaines


The city of Miami will be paying special tribute to Steve and Cassie Gaines this weekend.

Both were natives of Miami and were a part of the band Lynyrd Skynyrd. They died in a tragic plane crash in 1977. The city will be recognizing them in honor of them being inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.

The event will be held at the Coleman Theater in Miami on Saturday, September 8th starting at 4:30 pm. There will be a plaque presentation to the family members of the Gaines family, as well as a film presentation recognizing them.

“Their impact is still lasting to this day. Lynard Skynard music is known throughout the world; they were a hugely successful band and they had lots of friends and played with a lot of people right here in this area,” says Shannon Duhon, Coleman Theatre managing director.

The local Dobson Museum in Miami will also have a special display of items from 9 to 4 pm in honor of the Gaines musical achievements.

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