Miami to begin study with OKDOT to improve city safety


The city of Miami is hoping to begin a study with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation in efforts of making the city safer.

This study will monitor the traffic patterns in Miami near Main Street Highway 69 and north of Veterans Boulevard. The Miami Police Department approached the city of Miami about reducing speed limits in that area to 35 miles per hour, transitioning to 45 and then back to 50. 

They are also hoping to add a pedestrian walk near the area located beside Walmart on Highway 69. Several community members have inquired about the many traffic issues over the years and police officials believe as the population has grown it has only grown worse.

“Like the other part of Main street is a 35 mph zone and there north of veterans it goes to 45 and about halfway to Walmart it shifts to 50 mph and we’ve just had several traffic accidents in that area we’ve had one pedestrian fatality one near fatality,” says Thomas Anderson, Miami Police Chief.

Anderson says because it’s a state highway, Oklahoma has to do a 85th percentile study to observe the average speed of drivers before they can make any recommendations. If the request gets approved the city will take action immediately to reduce the speeds as well as start the creation of the pedestrian walk.

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