MIAMI, Ok. — The solid waste facility in Miami is dedicating a road sign to one of their employees.

J.C. Kennedy worked at the facility since 2008 as a driver collector, but Kennedy died in September. J.C. Owned a number of cars and would always show up to work in a different vehicle and loved working on them.

One thing workers loved was closing time as Kennedy would race workers down the road for fun. His mother requested the lane leading into the solid waste facility to be named ‘J.C.’ The Miami City Council approved it and would have a sign dedicated to him.

Kevin Horn, Solid Waste Manager, said, “I mean he would do anything for anybody. I mean he was. I needed a volunteer for something he was the first one to step up volunteer. It didn’t matter what it was he was always there to help anybody with anything they needed.”

City Council members held a unveiling of the sign Tuesday at the end of the lane to the facility along with his family and friends.