Miami reflecting on 2019 improvements, looking towards 2020


MIAMI, Ok. — As 2019 comes to a close, the city of Miami is looking at some of the biggest efforts its making to improve the area.

Miami has applied for a FEMA grant to help with the acquisition of homes flooded this past may.

Glenda Longan, City Of Miami, said, “were hoping to acquire them demolish the property and return it to open space so families and properties are not inundated with flood waters and claims aren’t filed in the future.”

And Miami is awaiting to hear if they were selected to get a 3 million dollar economic development assistance project.

It would address natural disasters that took place in 2018.

“When the city of Miami is flooded its hard to get in and out of the city there is various roads that are inundated with flood waters you cant get over them can’t pass through them so we are looking at using that to assist with perhaps building up a road.”

This project the city is being considered for is still in the early stages.

“This will help make sure the city gets the supplies and that our economics that cause motels, businesses that people can get into town, people can get out of town and that are economics are not hurt by flooding.”

To help with these grant efforts, the city of Miami recently updated its hazard mitigation plan to address emergencies.

It has passed the review and is awaiting approval.

And the city is celebrating earning a $50,000 USDA grant Miami officials have already starting to benefit from including the police department.

“Dispatch is getting new furniture that will raise and assist them in their high stress jobs of 911 dispatch.”

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