Miami Pool finally opens after being closed due to flooding


MIAMI, Okla. —

After being closed for half its season due to flooding, the City of Miami Pool will open Thursday.

The pool was originally slated to open May 22nd and has been closed for the past five weeks. The site is visited each day by several hundred people. After flooding hit the city hard, officials have worked hard to restore the site which was filled with flood waters. Not only has the close impacted the community, but it’s workers.

“Well currently it really dampened by money for the summer and just affected how I was paying stuff off, loans and stuff. It’s really exciting to see the pool open officially finally get to work and just see the town be excited about it.”

Amanda Welch, Miami Pool Employee

The pool is open from 1 pm to 7 pm Tuesday through Sunday. It will close for the summer on August 4th.

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