Miami organization sees to help homeless community members


MIAMI, Ok. — In Miami, there are quite a few people roaming the streets hungry with no where to stay, but a street ministry is wanting to change that.

Lindsey Divine Co Founder Of Divine Interventions, said, “I want to build a relationship and a trust with them that let’s them know hey if you ever need anything I’ll give you my phone number I’ll be glad to be there if you need to cry out if you’re cold I can get you some blankets do you need a tent. What can I do to help you.”

Divine intervention ministry began about 2 years ago and was part of the SOS Ministry in Joplin. Co Founder Lindsey Divine now wants to expand to Miami.

“Really just began a deep root of relationships with a lot of people from the streets because I spent 28 years in addiction and 5 years homeless on those same streets.”

Lindsay and a few members are shifting their focus to Miami to hand out food, water, blankets, tents, and coats for people in need.

“It just keeps them kinda going you know maybe they’re hungry for a minute they don’t know where to go they don’t know what to do they’re coming down let’s get real, off of the drugs, let’s say they are dehydrated from the alcohol I mean it’s exactly what happens therefore they got something that keeps their bodies going so they aren’t perishing away that they are gonna survive.”

Divine also dreams of someday seeing a shelter or rehab center in Miami.

“I would love to see a homeless shelter that would begin to start ministering or teaching these people to get back out to their feet.”

After going out and helping people, they have touched the lives of some people on the streets with no where to go.

Matthew Griffis Ex Addict: “Since then I’ve seen bot only my life change buy my family life change I’ve been able to reconnect with my family with my brothers. And I’m just here to say that god is changing my life and I know he can change other people’s life which is why I’m here in Miami to try to help who were in that life that I was living.”

The street ministry met the Lion Torbert Park in Miami Friday afternoon, providing soup, stew, chili, cornbread, and pot pie for people who are hungry.

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