Miami doctor teams up with Modoc Nation to address opioid epidemic


NORTHEAST OKLAHOMA — A Miami doctor partners with Modoc Nation to build a new facility to address the opioid epidemic in the Four State area.

Charlie Cheek, Assistant to the Chief Modoc Nation, said, “The opioid crisis is through the roof. We have a lot of people out there that our struggling a lot of families struggling.”

And to help create more resources to combat the issue in the four state area.

Modoc Nation and local veteran Dr. Jack Doney partnered to create the new Lost River Treatment Center.

Not only will it help opoioid victims but people who suffer from mental health illnesses as well.

“The grant was a million and a half over 3 years and its an ongoing grant,” said Cheek.

It took about 6 months to build the 6,000 square foot state of the art facility.

Its located on the stateline of Missouri and Oklahoma.

Anyone in the Four State region can utilize the services and you do not have to be Native American.

Dr. Jack Doney, Medical Director, said “Very tight guidelines, so when a patient comes in if they are put on one of these medications for the first 90 days or so, they have to come in and dose at the clinic. They don’t get take home prescriptions.”

Doney believes this new addition will be critical locally.

“It’s just really good watching somebody come in, they’re in withdrawal, they don’t have a job, they maybe lost their wife, or the verge, and almost a year later you can see them managing and are positive members of the community.”

The facility should be ready to open in the next few weeks.

The tribe would consider partnering with other tribes on expansion efforts in the future.

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