“You’ll have kids that come to school, that maybe they don’t have all the supplies that they need and we can come down here to get some of the supplies to help make sure all of our students have what they need,” says Teacher Darcy Riley.

It’s through an organization called Teachers Toolbox, where markers, crayons, glue, scissors and more school items are donated from the community.

“It’s been wonderful in a way to let our teachers know we love them, that we are going to support them and kids will be ready for school when school starts with the supplies they need,” says All Saints Episcopal Church Priest Mary Koppel.

The All Saints Episcopal Church members and volunteers gather and sort the supplies so it’s easier for the teachers when they come pick up needed items.

“They are doing the best they can on very tight budgets and limited budgets and instead of them having to reach out of their own pockets and purchase crayons for every person in their class, they can come to us,” Koppel says.

Mrs. Riley says this is the second year she has been to Teachers Toolbox and is blessed to have support and resources so she can educate her students with proper tools.

“I used Teachers Toolbox several times for the library, buying things that we would run out of. the students in the library don’t bring supplies, so it was a great resource last year,” Riley says.

Teachers Toolbox is open every Wednesday from 3 PM to 5 PM at the church located at 225 B Street Northwest.