Miami Arts & Humanities Council holds Patrons Dinner and Dance


In honor of the organization’s 25th anniversary, the Miami Arts & Humanities Council is holding a Patrons Dinner and Dance.

This event will be held Tuesday, September 18th at 6pm at 1603 Mckinley Boulevard in Miami. The council is recognized in the Miami area for its work bringing cultural arts and events into the community. 

To help fund these contributions to the city they hold the Patrons Dinner and Dance. Miami Arts & Humanities Council President Marcia Johnson adds the arts have a huge economic impact in Miami.

“They are an economic development tool, they create jobs, they drive tourism; they also are something that make people fall in love with their community and if you think about it when someone falls in love with something they nourish it they cherish it,” says Marcia Johnson.

If you are interested in attending and supporting the event you can do so contacting the council at 918- 542-4479. Tickets are being sold for $100 dollars per person and $1000 dollars for a reserved table.

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