METS Crews Return from Houston, Prepare for Hurricane Irma


As the nation braces for hurricane Irma, those who helped respond to hurricane Harvey are starting to return home.

Lt. Erin Rust is a paramedic for METS in Joplin, and one of seven people sent by the ambulance service to southern Texas in the wake of hurricane Harvey. Rust says this was her first national disaster to respond to, and it has helped prepare her for the next time a major weather incident happens in the four states. Rust says the nearly two week trip was filled with memories, from heartbreak at seeing families who lost everything to pride at seeing how people from around the nation responded. She says there were also some scary moments.

“One night we were transporting patients from Beaumont, TX, from an acute rehab center in Lafayette, LA and we drove through the highest water I’ve ever driven through in my life,” Rust says. “Water was sloshing over the hood.”

Rust has already volunteered to respond to hurricane Irma if METS crews are needed. She is just waiting to hear whether or not they’ll be called upon.


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