Method of early voting split along party lines

Election Day is here!

KANSAS — Hundreds of thousands of Kansans are taking advantage of voting early – but the way they are voting is split along party lines.

Democrats are outnumbering Republicans when voting by mail in Kansas, but Republicans are voting in person in higher numbers.

The largest affiliations for voters in Kansas are Republicans, then Independents, with Democrats making up the smallest group. But if you look at mail-in voting there have been 40,000 more Democrats that sent in their ballot than Republicans. ​

Ben Meers, Kansas Democratic Party, “We’re not taking our foot of the gas, we want to make sure we finish well and make sure every Kansans’ voice is heard in this election.”

But it’s a different story for in person voting before election day – Republicans lead there by nearly 50,000 votes. Meaning overall, even with the record turnout by mail – Republicans are leading in turn-out.

Mike Kuckelman, said, Kansas Republican Party, said, “I predict that we’ll see an even wider spread between Republicans and Democrats showing up to vote because so many republicans are going to do it in person.”

But because Democrats trail republicans in registered voters by about 360 thousand – they’re encouraged by the results so far.

“Republicans may have instilled doubt on this election and the validity of it, but really we’re just trying to make sure every Kansans vote is heard and we know high turnout numbers bodes well for Democrats,” said, Meers

With less than a week until election day – Republicans are saying, unless it’s your only option, don’t rely on the post office to send in your ballot.

“We count on the mail daily to deliver our bills and things like that, the worst case scenario if you miss your payment on your electric bill, you get a delinquency notice and you fix it. If you miss your vote, you miss your vote, there’s no way to fix that later. So we are emphasizing to people, why take the chance, go vote in person, and if you already have requested and have a ballot in hand, again, deliver that in person,” said Kuckelman.

The deadline to request an advanced ballot passed on Tuesday. If you do mail your ballot – it has to be postmarked by election day and received no later than 3 days after.

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