Mercy Hospital Joplin upgrades surgical capabilities


JOPLIN, Mo. — A Joplin hospital has upgraded its surgical capabilities.

Doctors at Mercy Hospital Joplin started using the Da Vinci S1 Robotic Surgery System a couple of years ago.

It allowed surgeons to perform a host of procedures by using much smaller incisions than in years past. But recently, they’ve upgraded to the next generation of that technology called the Da Vinci X1.

General Surgeon Dr. Charles Ro says almost every type of operation they could do before, they can do more easily now. And he says that means patients will recover even faster now than they could before.

Dr. Charles Ro, Mercy General Surgeon, said, “From general surgery procedures, to gynecology procedures, to urology procedures, and that includes removing gall bladders, doing intestinal surgery, hernia surgeries, esophageal surgeries, stomach surgery, we can take out the uterus, same day surgery, they go home the same day.”

He says the new system has a better camera, more sensitive instruments, and gives operators the ability to put in staples as well as stitches.

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