Memorial Hall renovation under review


JOPLIN, Mo. — The Joplin City Council is discussing plans to renovate and expand Memorial Hall.

We spoke to an organization that holds regular meetings inside that building. American Legion Post 13 meets inside the basement of Memorial Hall. The Post Commander tells us everyone is happy about the possible renovation.

Warren F. Turner, American Legion Post 13 Commander, said, “I have 200 members in my post and they are all excited 100% what they’ve got plans for this hall because they know the people in Joplin need to remember those people that went to war to put their lives on the.”

The Joplin City Council is reviewing a $25 million recommendation for renovating and expanding Memorial Hall. A consulting firm is recommending much needed building improvements including a new veterans memorial. Removing the existing arena seating and stage upgrades.

They are also discussing expanding Memorial Hall with a new 8,400 square foot addition on South Wall Avenue. They would also move the current American Legion post meeting hall from the basement to the second floor.

“We also feel good about the way this is designed because we want everybody to come and use Memorial Hall. The Chamber of Commerce, people that have banquets and conventions that come to Memorial Hall and at the same time they have their event they see the veterans the names of all these people. That’s another way of honoring them.”

Once renovations are done the American Legion plans to invite elementary children to tour the facility and teach them about history.

“They will go to each monument and listen to different people talk about that war. This will be a great educational source remembering which we can’t forget the people who went to war for Joplin, Missouri.”

Joplin City Council has not voted on the Memorial Hall expansion yet and they still need to decide how this project will be funded.

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