Memorabilia and donations help spruce up FSCC


FORT SCOTT, Kan. – Memorabilia and donations will help spruce up the Fort Scott Community College campus.

A substantial donation from Robert and Sylvia Bailey will help renovate Bailey Hall. The building is one of the oldest on campus, and the college is hoping to use the funds to bring more technology in. They’d also like to add a conference room, gaming areas and even update their library. To keep the college competitive with other institutions, school staff are grateful for the generous donation from a former Greyhound.

“Not being a large university, we rely on a lot of donors, we rely on their generosity. And for him to be able to do this is just a tremendous step forward.”

Jeff Tadmen, FSCC Chief Development Officer

There is no word on when the school will start on renovations on Bailey Hall but they are hoping to start soon.

They also received more Gordon Parks memorabilia from the Mercy Fort Scott Foundation.

The donation came from what was on display at the Mercy Hospital in Fort Scott before it closed. The contribution included photos from the Fort Scott native as well as a bust. Campus staff say they are proud to keep the legacy of the famous African American photographer alive.

“We’re always on the look out for adding new things and it’s very important to keep his legacy alive. His legacy continues today. We just really want to use his remarkable story to teach the creative artistic values and the creativity.”

Kirk Sharp, Gordon Parks Museum

Eventually, the museum hopes to create a mobile Gordon Parks exhibit so they can share his works to area schools.

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