JOPLIN, Mo. — There is a bear making his way through the four states. But in this case, you can walk right up to him and even take a selfie if you want.

He goes by the name of “Bearsun” and he’s walking from L.A. to Time’s Square in New York City.

Bearsun started his journey nearly 80 days ago and will stay overnight in Joplin.

He’s making the trip to raise money and awareness for several causes.

“There’s multiple reasons but the main one is to bring awareness towards mental health, using my art to illustrate, you know, mental health, also for Autism, cancer, the environment, and the disabled community,” said Bearsun, Walking For a Cause.

No one is happier about today’s cooler temperatures than he is.

He walked through the Mojave Desert this summer when the daytime temperatures reached into the 120’s.

If you’d like to know where he’s headed next, as well as to donate to his causes, we’ve put a link here.