Medical marijuana supporters push to increase access in Missouri


Just months after Missouri voters approved medical marijuana, some supporters are pushing to increase access in the state.

It looks like supporters want to put a wider use of marijuana on the ballot. And they’ve started the process to do that in Jefferson City. The Missouri Secretary of State was in Joplin Tuesday, speaking about election security and the process to add initiative petitions to the 2020 ballot. Republican Jay Ashcroft said there are already more than 60 potential issues for next year’s election on file with his office.

“We have had people filing things to expand the legal uses under state law for marijuana. We’ve seen things there was the potential city county merger in the St. Louis area,” says Missourl Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft.

Those issues must first be filed with the Secretary of State’s Office. If they’re approved for circulation, supporters must gather tens of thousands of voter signatures to make it onto the ballot. Missouri law allows for that option every two years so 2020 would be the next chance. Compare that to 2018, 371 potential issues were filed while voters ultimately had seven questions to decide.

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