JOPLIN, Mo. — A patient on the autism spectrum can have a wide range of symptoms – and when they’re treated is just as important as how they’re treated.

“We are a center for children, teens, and adults with autism. And we work with these children using ABA therapy,” said Teresa Rosenbrough-Sneed, Leffen Center:

Short for Applied Behavior Analysis, this approach taps into the science and research of learning and behavior.

“It is considered a medically necessary therapy for kiddos, teens, and adults that are on the spectrum to teach them different skills for communication, socialization and self help skills. So they can be the most independent people that they can potentially could be,” said Rosenbrough-Sneed.

The Bill and Virginia Leffen Center For Autism puts a special focus on starting as early as possible with young children.

“Very important. So research has shown that early intervention, any intervention, it will significantly impact it not only the child but the family. Because this therapy is all inclusive, it helps not just the child but it works with the families,” said Rosenbrough-Sneed.

But they add there are services for all ages.

“The center is unique and that we provide services for even adults with autism. There’s not very many agencies that work with adults – they are up and coming. But definitely it is an under-serviced group of people that we’re able to provide services for to help them,” she said.