JOPLIN, Mo. — Knee surgery can be the best choice for patients in pain.

Modern technology can play a big role in minimizing surgical pain and ensuring long-term agility.

“Visionaire is patient-specific instrumentation for knee replacement surgery. We have the
ability to make customized cutting blocks that’s specific for each patient,” said Dr. Derek Miller, Orthopaedic Surgeon.

It’s considered computer-assisted surgery that builds on the traditional method.

“On the knee replacement, we do remove the bone from the end of the thigh bone and replace this on there,” said Dr. Miller.

And the digital help starts before the operation begins.

X-rays and MRIs build an exact image of the patient’s knee.

“And then the manufacturer creates a customized cutting block that clicks perfectly onto the contours of the patient’s bone, and I use that to make the bone preparation and make the bone cuts, and so I know that it’s precise. The key to knee replacement is that precise,” said Dr. Miller.

Which can help with short-term goals like an easy procedure with less pain, but also long-term success.

“What you really want is a knee replacement that lasts for the rest of your life, and that’s determined by the precision of the surgery, that the amount of bone that we remove, and the position of the implant has to be in the right position and not angled or twisted, but I’m not cutting off more or less bone than I’m replacing. So, this technology allows us to do that,” said Dr. Miller.

It can reduce surgery time and blood loss.

It can be especially helpful for patients with a knee deformity or one who is having issues with an earlier knee replacement.