JOPLIN, Mo. — Regular mammograms can be crucial for a patient at-risk for breast cancer, and now there’s a new option in Joplin for those looking for more control over the experience.

“We love it. It’s very easy to use. The patients love it,” said Sarah Kelly, Freeman Lead Mammography Tech.

Sarah Kelly is talking about the brand new Pristina mammography system at the Freeman Women’s Pavilion.

She points out it’s a good fit for for a patient who’s not looking forward to the screening.

“We had technology called the Duetta. It’s patient assisted compression. So the Memotech will compress the patient to a degree but we will still get a good picture. And then we give the patient a remote and they push a button and it compresses them further. And this helps to displace the tissue to get an even better picture,” said Kelly.

In terms of length of compression and radiation exposure, the scan is comparable to older technology, but results in much greater detail.

“3d Technology is geared more towards patients that have dense breast tissue. Since we’re taking 3d slices of the breast, it helps to us to see through all of the layers of the dense tissue much better than if it was just a single 2d image delineation,” added Kelly.

And for staff radiologist Dr. Jane Seto, that’s a big improvement.

“3d has a lot of more advantages in cancer screening. They are more sensitive and they’re more accurate,” said Dr. Jane Seto, Radiologist.

Which she says is key to pinpointing smaller cancers.

“How we see them early, because that will make a huge difference in surgical care, oncology care. And everything for patients quality as well. So the 3d definitely has the most advantage of in terms of the first line cancer screening right now. It’s still the frontline and our machine is the top notch technology right now. It’s the best in the market,” added Seto.