JOPLIN, Mo. — If you find yourself looking for your keys or finding the remote in the refrigerator– you may have some problems remembering things.

“We see a great deal of people with memory loss,” said Dr. Henry Petry, Geriatrician.

Freeman Geriatrician Dr. Henry Petry says it’s no surprise that problems remembering can come with aging.

“Our brain is like a magnificent computer. If we don’t use it, or do the things that we need to do, we do not remember well, so we have lots of things to do to help remember and to help people. One of the leading causes of memory loss is a thing we call ‘dementia,'” he said.

And that can be connected to several different causes.

“All the way from Alzheimer’s dementia, which is the most common vascular dementia, which is found quite frequently in people that have had strokes, or something of that nature,” he added.

Also dementia is associated with Parkinson’s Disease.

“We have dementia secondary to Lyme’s disease.”

There are treatment options that include medication

“So we have only like three or four drugs currently that are used for the treatment of dementia to help you,” Dr. Petry said.

There are other options, things like your overall health, starting with injuries to avoid.

“We try not to have any head trauma. Lots of head trauma is a big deal.”

Also your blood pressure, keep that between 120 to 130, and LDL cholesterol below 90.

Dr. Petry also says to maintain a normal weight and avoid smoking – both tobacco and marijuana products.