KODE — Stress is a daily factor for most of us, and we’ve all had that day that was off the charts. But a local health system is hoping to help lower the temperature with a unique technique.

“As we all know, teachers take on a lot. They have a classroom full of 30 plus kids,” said Chelsey Davenport, Neosho R-5 Wellness Coordinator.

So the Neosho R-5 Wellness Coordinator shares strategies to help bring stress levels down.

“And I do feel strongly about presenting calm because of burnout, teacher burnout is huge,” said Davenport.

And that’s not just a general sense of calm, but a strategy with the acronym CALM.

“We developed a program where they can think of the word calm, count their breaths, be aware of the moment they’re in, let go of things that are distracting them and then move mindfully into their next task with their patient or co-worker,” said Kris Drake, Freeman Wellness Coordinator.

The CALM technique started on campus at Freeman Health System in 2018, but the stress fighter isn’t limited to staff and patients at the hospital.

“No matter where you’re at, whether you’re in the workplace, health care, teachers, moms, students, we all have it no matter where we’re at,” said Drake.

And more and more workers are trying it out.

“Area schools are utilizing it, Neosho schools, Carl Junction schools. We have a lot of other area businesses that are using it as well in finding great results,” said Drake.